Class description and reviews ‘Watercolour all Ways’

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‘ Paint and Lift – Watercolour all Ways ‘ classes are aimed to keep us going until our usual teaching establishments resume.

Classes are designed to boost morale and lift spirits through the activity of painting.

Suitable for anyone and all abilities welcome.

You may choose to learn or continue developing skills, using watercolour paint.

From laying down washes to textures, tips and techniques, these classes will draw you to experiment and experience the versatility of watercolour.



5 reviews for Class description and reviews ‘Watercolour all Ways’

  1. Karen

    Liz is an excellent teacher and her positive encouragement and support has helped me to paint through the lockdown. Her skills have encouraged me to keep trying new techniques and her positive spirit has been brilliant. Thank you Liz 10/10! 👏

    • Liz Dulley

      Thanks Karen! So pleased painting helped you through lockdown. Continue to explore. . .

  2. Catriona

    I love Liz’s classes. We are taught and encouraged to experiment with different techniques, materials and tools. Liz is always on hand to offer suggestions or a new perspective when needed and her obvious delight in her students’ work inspires confidence.

    • Liz Dulley

      Glad you enjoyed class Catriona. Happy painting!

  3. June

    Liz gave us excellent advice and encouragement, and provided us with varied projects to keep us progressing. The online format worked really well, with Liz on hand for questions throughout class time.

    • Liz Dulley

      I’m so pleased with class progress and class must be too! It was great to be part of individual projects and view such a variety of paintings. Glad you enjoyed online format June.

  4. Janice

    “Watercolour all Ways” is well-named. Alongside demonstrating the possibilities of colour and brush application, Liz offers a vast variety of interesting and innovative ways to apply paint and achieve texture beyond brushstrokes. Liz encourages all class members to explore the different techniques which will allow them to express their own style and enjoy the versatility of watercolours.

    • Liz Dulley

      Continue to explore with watercolour all ways Janice!

  5. Mary

    Liz’ online classes have been a godsend during lockdown. Looking forward to getting back to face to face classes. Liz has a great way of guiding rather than direct teaching allowing individuals to explore their own style through providing encouragement and positive feedback. Liz also gives inspiring demonstration of different techniques and gives space for class members to try out in their own way. Liz’ own paintings are outstanding.

    • Liz Dulley

      Pleased you found online class useful and enjoyed my approach. I look forward to getting back to the classroom too, hopefully soon! Thank you and happy painting!

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