Artist Statement


A painting evolves from inner ideas or external factors.

As an artist I take elements from the environment and express them as one.

Using this concept, in conjunction with symbolism, I assemble fragments.

I create an arrangement that displays the whole.

In some arrangements fragments may be placed at intervals.

Each fragment is unique but connected.

The breaks in continuity depict space and/or time.

I create an arrangement that displays the whole

' Travel in Japan '

Following travel in Japan I have very much enjoyed working with natural materials and spent much time in the field, exploring natural phenomenon.
' Travel in Japan ' is a collection of artwork inspired by a recent visit to Japan during autumn 2019.
Through daily assemblage, created on location, during travel in Japan, I bring together exploration and development, in a sense of belonging . . .

I have also been interested in exploring new media skills, created a pocket size book and moving pictures.

' Home and Garden '

The most recent collection of artwork has developed from immediate surroundings, during Lockdown.

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