Liz Dulley

Fine Art in Watercolour

Hello, Welcome to my website.

I invite you to browse through my journey of creativity and developing artwork.

I enjoy painting with watercolour and find it an exciting medium.
With a delicate approach I explore the versatility of water with colour and manipulate paint to create interesting surfaces.
Following travel in Japan some work includes Japanese paper, collected during my journey.

Using Japanese influence I explore through connection and the space in between. I enjoy working with symbolism and exploring natural phenomenon in the field.

I continue to draw from Japanese experience, last visited in April19 and develop current themes in addition to an ongoing lockdown project.

As a Derwent Artist, in conjunction with my  painting, using the influence of plant life, I continue to experiment with Derwent products.

" Thank you for visiting my Virtual Exhibition.

I really enjoyed sharing recent artwork. "

aa Gathering Excercise Page 3 FT (549x800)

" I've found it important and endeavoured to create something unique. The necessity to explore and experiment has been essential. "


Eduardo Alessandro Studios

Winter Exhibition

Open now


Paint and Lift, Online Classes

Next Block - March 4, 11, 18, 24th

Classes run in four week Blocks.

Booking opens 2 weeks prior to first class.

Browse Shop page for details

Solo Exhibition 2021
Dundee Botanic Gardens
Scheduled dates are 4th - 18th June.

In case exhibition at this venue is no longer possible -

I continue to explore and create. I therefore aim to deliver an Annual Show as a Virtual or In Studio Exhibition this year. I am also exploring the possibility of showing work at an alternative Venue, using these dates.

Updates with more info soon.



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