Liz Dulley

Fine Art in Watercolour

Hello, Welcome to my website.

I invite you to browse through my journey of creativity and developing artwork.

I paint with watercolour finding it an exciting and versatile medium.
With a delicate approach I make marks and manipulate paint to create interesting surfaces.
Following travel in Japan recent work explores the use of Japanese paper purchased and collected during my journey.
I enjoy working with symbolism and also exploring natural phenomenon in the field.
Following a refreshing trip in Autumn 2019 I continue to draw from Japanese experience and currently develop a lockdown project, inspired by immediate surroundings.

As a Derwent Artist, in conjunction with my  painting, using the influence of plant life, I continue to experiment with Derwent products.

Thank you for visiting my Virtual Exhibition. It's been super to share recent work.

aa Gathering Excercise Page 3 FT (549x800)

" I've found it important and endeavoured to create something unique. The necessity to explore and experiment has been essential. "


Eduardo Alessandro Studios

Winter Exhibition

Open now


Visual Arts Scotland

FLOW - Members Winter Exhibition, online

1st Dec - 31st Jan


Paint and Lift Classes

Online Classes start 7th Jan

Class booking is now open

Browse the Shop page for details

Solo Exhibition 2021
Dundee Botanic Gardens
Scheduled dates are 4th - 18th June.

In case exhibition at this venue is no longer possible -

The Annual Exhibition will take place as a Virtual or In Studio Exhibition using these dates.

Updates and more info soon.



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