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Hi There,

Welcome to my Website.

I invite you to browse through my journey of creativity and developing artwork.

I paint with watercolour, an exciting and versatile medium.
With a delicate approach, I apply paint using a variety of unique explorative techniques, manipulating paint to create intriguing, succulent surfaces that capture the essence of my subject.
I am finding it increasingly pleasing to explore the juxtaposition of textured areas on the painting surface using explorative marks with detailed areas of controlled brushwork. I continue to develop this new interest with the introduction of  paper fragments in recent works.
The concept of each painting relies on symbolism. I enjoy design, experimenting and developing ideas from my surroundings, collected objects and world travel.

A small taster selection of  images and detail from images is included on GALLERY pages.

As a Derwent Artist, in conjunction with my  painting, using the influence of plant life, I continue to experiment with Derwent products.


 ' Drawn In ' Kiyomizu dera -  Liz Dulley

Inspired in Japan


NEW Paintings


Christmas Fair
Burnside Hall,

12th November
10am - 4pm

' More Inspired
in Japan '
Botanic Gardens

3rd - 16th June